Confederate Converted Model 1836 Single Shot Pistol

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September 26, 2018
Very Fine Original and Very Rare Palmetto Armory Rifle
October 20, 2018

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Original Confederate Conversion of Flintlock Pistol

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For sale is this very nice Confederate conversion of the model 1836 US Army flintlock pistol as performed by Thomas Adams of Virginia. These pistols follow a common pattern as performed by varying contractors. When examined in detail this pistol retains the roman numeral marking system so common with Confederate weapons. This pistol is in excellent condition and is all original. This pistol has the less common musket cap size nipple and shows its military purposes. While converted flint pistols can be found and are not very expensive, a pistol such as this one with a known pattern conversion is much rarer. In fact , these Confederate conversion pistols are probably the last frontier in Confederate arms collecting and represent excellent value in comparison to most Confederate arms. Priced very reasonable and a weapon you will be proud to add to your collection and display.