Very Fine Original and Very Rare Palmetto Armory Rifle

Confederate Converted Model 1836 Single Shot Pistol
October 17, 2018

Palmetto Armory Rifle


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Very Rare and Original Palmetto Armory Rifle

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For sale is this very rare and original Model 1841 Palmetto Armory Rifle as produced in Columbia SC by William Glaze in 1852-53. The Palmetto Rifle is the rarest of the Model 1841 series of rifles and is incredibly rare ,even in relic condition. Best estimates are app. 75 complete rifles of all grades, and this number includes rifles that are not 100% pure guns as produced–that is to say there are many that are composed of Federal parts that were intermixed during the time of use and even into modern times.  Only 1000 of these fine rifles were produced under contract to the State of South Carolina in the 1850’s and even at that, the records indicate at least 500 were destroyed in Columbia by Sherman’s burners at the armory where the palmettos, Morse carbines and many other thousands of weapons were stored.

This fine Palmetto Armory Rifle is complete as issued and every aspect matches the rifles as surveyed by Dr. Jack Meyer and Dr. Fred Novy. The stock has the correct cuts in the implement box, it lacks the spare nipple hole, the internal lock parts are finished in the correct manner, the sling swivels are original and retain the correct unground taper pins, the muzzle is the correct diameter, checkering on the hammer is correct and the list goes on. It even is still in the original .54 cal. 7 groove  configuration as originally produced and the bore is semi-bright.

A complete file of photographs is included . The chance to obtain a very rare secondary Confederate rifle that is seldom seen on the open market exist here for the collector who desires one of the best Palmetto rifle to come on the market in a long time.