Very Rare Morse 3rd Model Confederate Breech Loading Carbine

Original Confederate Civil War Period Morse Carbine Cartridge
August 27, 2018

For sale is this very rare Confederate South Carolina produced Morse 3rd  Model breech loading carbine Excellent condition with a mellow patina on all brass parts–showing no modern cleaning. It retains an excellent 4 groove rifled barrel in the .50 cal. Morse . Even the cleaning rod is original to the gun–it having a slight taper to its length . The cleaning jag is retained in the butt plate recess. The breech functions correctly and is numbered to the gun. The breech has had no reairs–in fact there are no repairs to the brass save a period brazed area to the very tip of the under side of the receiver as seen in the photo–about the size of a small finger nail. The wood retains some original finish and is in a nice original rub. Included is one original cartridge which in itself is very rare. A copy of the new book “Best gun In The World ” is also included that contains a list of known Morse carbine serial numbers. This carbine is not listed as it is a newly discovered gun. A nice Confederate carbine you will be proud to a to your collection –priced very fairly.


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Original and Very Rare Confederate Morse 3rd Model Carbine

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$17,900.00 USD

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